School Equipment

We expect all pupils to take responsibility so that they are ready to learn. This means  always being prepared for lessons to avoid learning time being wasted. In order for pupils to get the maximum out of their time in lessons, it is important that they have a pencil case containing the following basic equipment:

  • black and blue handwriting pens (not a biro)
  • purple pen
  • sharp pencil
  • ruler
  • rubber
  • pencil sharpener
  • glue stick
  • homework diary
  • a reading book

Extra equipment such as colouring pencils, a couple of highlighters and a red, pink or purple pen for peer assessment would be useful. Pupils are required to arrive at lessons with equipment:  a stocked pencil case, a reading book and their homework diary. Failure to do so will result in a sanction.

If pupils have not got these items for any reason, then they are able to borrow equipment for the day from their form teachers during morning registration.  Pupils will need to make sure that if they do need to borrow equipment, then they do that before the start of lesson one.

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