At Bellingham Middle School, we are committed to helping pupils become confident in challenging ideas and scientific theories that they are presented with within their daily lives, while aiming to instil a lifelong love of science. We want pupils to leave us as confident, inquisitive, resilient and independent thinkers, and well-prepared for success in the ever- changing world of STEM.
Our mission is for all pupils to be challenged within lessons; be able to link their prior learning with new situations they encounter; engage in public discussions; appreciate and pay respect to the awe and wonder of science; develop a life-long love of science and have the skills of a scientifically literate person. Our fun and engaging high-quality science curriculum has scientific investigation at its heart while covering all aspects of the National Curriculum. Enrichment opportunities are intertwined throughout our curriculum Across Key Stage 2, our pupils develop a deeper understanding of a wide range of scientific ideas allowing them to explore and talk about their ideas. They create their own questions about scientific phenomena and analyse functions, relationships, and interactions systematically. They encounter abstract ideas and begin to recognise how ideas help them to understand and predict how the world operates, providing opportunities for pupils to learn and demonstrate kindness and compassion regarding current global issues such as climate change, the ethics of fossil fuel use and sustainability. Across Key Stage 3, pupils develop a deeper understanding of a range of scientific ideas, as we teach the subject discreetly in biology, chemistry and physics. We aim to enable students to interconnect the three subject areas, but also across the curriculum by developing their use of scientific vocabulary, including the use of scientific terminology, units, and mathematical representations.
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