Curriculum Intent

The Music Department, in accordance with our school values, ensures that kindness, resilience and respect underpins everything that we do. By developing pupils' skills through a combination of Singing, Listening, Composing, Performing and Theory strands, we aim to provide opportunities for everyone and enable success within a happy, positive and safe environment. 

It is our intention that;

  • We make music an inspiring, exciting  and enjoyable learning experience which develops our pupils’ musical skills and life skills.

  • Our pupils gain a firm understanding of what music is through singing, listening, evaluating, composing and performing.

  • Our pupils enjoy music and use their acquired musical skills, knowledge and experiences to engage with music in a variety of contexts during their time here and beyond. 

This will be implemented by;

  • Delivering high quality music lessons that follow National Curriculum and the Model Music Curriculum guidelines.

  • Providing a well-resourced and inspirational music room. 

  • Weekly whole-school singing in assembly.

  • Encouraging pupils to participate in our weekly choir practise.

  • Providing a range of Instrumental tuition opportunities.

  • Creating opportunities to participate in a range of performances.

  • Creating opportunities for musical visits on and off-site.

The impact will be that pupils will;

  • Reach age-related expectations.

  • Develop a deeper understanding around a broad range of music.

  • Develop an understanding of the methods and skills of musicians at an age appropriate level.

  • Understand the elements of music.

  • Use music-specific language. 

  • Perform with confidence.

  • Be able to sing a variety of songs.

  • Read basic staff notation.

  • Compose short pieces of music.

  • Improvise with confidence.

  • Participate in wider musical activities.

  • Be confident in discussing music, their own work and identifying their own strengths and areas for development.

  • Have confidence as they continue into the next phase of their musical learning journey.

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