Medicine at School

Medication in School

Any request for medication to be administered to pupils during school hours needs to be supported by a written request from parents (Form 3a).  Due to the large number of requests made and the potential risks, it is only possible for school staff to administer medication prescribed by a child’s doctor, therefore ‘over the counter’ medication cannot be administered. Any decision as to whether or not to administer medicines is on a voluntary basis and is not a legal requirement of the school.

We would request that the administration of medicines be kept to a minimum, so can parents consider the possibility of administering the daily doses out of school hours (particularly if it is to be only taken 3 times daily). If this is not possible, then there is a standard medication consent form (Administration of Medication to Pupils - Agreement between Parents and School) which must be completed and is available from the school office. Alternatively, click below to download and print a copy of this form.

Pupils who use inhalers should keep their inhalers with them at all times. If parents wish to keep a spare inhaler in the office, then please do not hesitate to send one into school and complete the necessary form.

Supporting Pupils in School with Medical Conditions
Please see our attached document which outlines how we support pupils in our school who have medical conditions.