Headteacher's Message

Welcome to our school website. I hope that whether you are a new visitor or already know something about our school, you will find the site informative and useful in painting a picture of our wonderful children, dedicated staff and the inspiring learning that goes on at Bellingham Middle School.

Our guiding principles

  • We welcome challenges
  • We respect others and work together
  • We take responsibility for, and learn from, our actions
  • We take pride in our work, our school and our community
  • We celebrate our achievements and the achievements of others
  • We care for our environment

Our ethos and values

We strive to provide a happy learning environment where all children feel able to pursue their interests, develop a strong sense of community and are inspired to learn to the best of their ability.

We believe that all pupils in our school should feel safe, be valued and supported, yet secure enough to face challenges with confidence.

We work together to build your child’s sense of personal responsibility, encouraging all children to strive to improve their personal, social and academic skills during their time at our school.

To reinforce our ethos and values we have worked together with a visiting artist and Bellingham First School to create our 'Values Tree' which has contributions from every child in our school and reflects our beliefs in how we want our school to be.

  • The leaves represent the pupils in both our schools
  • The trunk and branches represent the adults who care and support us.
  • Cherries show us the good times
  • The globe demonstrates our multi-cultural awareness.
  • Our subjects are represented around the tree.
  • Birds represent visitors to our schools – we welcome them all.
  • Flowers show our blossoming knowledge and skills.
  • The sun and rain represent guidance and growth.