Have you ever tasted a fresh croissant or a creamy crème brûlée? Have you ever wondered what inspired the beret and comfortable striped T-shirt look?  In our international world, languages are now integral to our economies, diets, travel plans and even our mentalities; to take a step into another culture builds long-lasting relationships grounded in respect for each other. In our French lessons at Bellingham Middle School, our aim is to build resilient linguists with a passion for communicating both in our kind, inclusive classrooms and beyond. Whether through a letter exchange with our Belgian partner school, the opportunity to taste traditional recipes or listen to some of the latest Francophone artists, our MFL curriculum is grounded in direct, tangible links to French-speaking culture. This holistic approach empowers our students to discover the people, places and culture that embody the French language.
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School Games Bronze 2018/19
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