Trips and visits

Here at Bellingham Middle we believe that it is important that pupils have the opportunity to take part in trips and visits where it will support their education, encourage their understanding of the world, develop social skills and relationships with others, build character, find about what their next steps after school could be and provide enjoyment and enthusiasm.  For these reasons we organise a number of trips and visits throughout the year.  Please keep an eye out for our regular newsletters and letters home about trips and visits planned.
We are hoping to expand our residential trips to include a trip to London and/or Edinburgh for KS3 this year.  Please look out for letters from Mrs Samuels.


2016-17 summary of visits and trips
Sky Sports Mentor - Katy Storie visited school to work with pupils.
All classes took part in CPR for kids (Re-start the Heart workshops) by NE Ambulance service.
Artist visit to school for KS2 Arts Award
Remembrance Day assembly by Rector Susan.
Guy Opperman MP visit to the Pupil Forum.
Zoolab workshops for years 7 and 8
Pancake Day cooking session with Rector Susan.
Harvest Festival donations delivered to StopGap in Hexham by our prefects.
Whole school christmas church service at St Cuthbert's.
Year 6 church explorer trail to C of E and catholic churches in the area.
UKMT maths challenge event for KS3.
Kids Lit challenge and quizzes for KS3 and gifted and talented KS2s.
Partnership singing event at Haydon Bridge - all of year 5 and 6.
KS3 Hawkhirst outdoor adventure day.
Whole school Easter parade (with donkey!) and service at church.
Year 5 visit to the Synagogue in Newcastle.
KS2 residential at Kingswood.
Year 8 visit to the Hindu Temple in Newcastle.
Whole school reward trip to Lightwater Valley.
Year 8 reward trip to Hexham.
Years 5 and 6 visit to Cragside.
Various after school football fixtures.
Year 5 visit to Newcastle Foundation, St James' Park
U13s Girls Football Festival at Wallsend Boys Club