Design Technology - Our aim

The principal aim of the Design Technology department is to develop an awareness of design and how it relates to the world in which we live.                                                                                                    

Design Technology at Bellingham Middle is split into Resistant Materials, which includes working with wood and a range of plastics, and Non Resistant Materials, which includes Food Technology, Modelling Clay and Textiles. Pupils receive four units of two lessons each week on a rotation with Art each year.

Design Technology is essentially a practical subject requiring a practical approach in every activity. Therefore an emphasis is placed on safety and hygiene in every lesson.  The design aspect of the subject must be based on experience and experiment.

Pupils work on a series of projects during their four years that will build up their skills, knowledge and experience. To enable them to produce a range of quality products and food dishes.

Pupils are encouraged to analyse different products and understand how and why they are designed and made. We look at the materials used and assess if they are appropriate to the product’s function.