Current Charges and Payment Arrangements

The school has recently taken over the running of our school canteen and offers a wide choice of healthy, nutritious food.  School lunches are currently £2.40 per day; in addition we have introduced ‘Break @ Bellingham’ which offers a variety of light snacks to our pupils during morning break.  We feel this is a welcome addition. The children can also bring a packed lunch if they wish and a few children choose to go home at lunch time, we do however need written consent from a parent for this.  We also have ‘extras’ for sale at lunch time, i.e. flapjacks, buns, juice etc.

Pupils can either pay each day for their school meal, or parents can pay in advance.  If parents are paying in advance children should take their money in an envelope to the the school canteen, the envelope should be clearly marked with your child's name, class and the total amount you are paying.  If you are using a cheque to pay for your school meals in advance please make the cheque payable to (Northumberland County Council).