Pupil Absence from School

We are very proud of our excellent attendance record at Bellingham Middle School, and we believe that this reflects the enjoyment pupils feel about attending our school. If your child is absent from school through illness or for any other reason, please inform the school office before 9.15 a.m. (Tel: 01434 220235) on each day of their absence, and when your child returns to school please send in a letter confirming their absence.  If your child needs to leave school during the day a written explanation is required for their form teacher. Your child will also need to sign out of school and be collected from the school office by their parent/guardian unless the school has written consent from the parent to walk home.

Recent changes to government policy which states, ‘that headteachers may not grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances.’ (Family holidays are not to be considered as exceptional circumstances).  Following these amendments we would like to clarify the situation with regard to the Bellingham mini - partnership of schools.  From September 2013 Headteachers will not be authorising holidays during school time; they will be recorded as unauthorised in the school register.  Please inform the school in writing of any absence from school of your child.

There may be occasions where parents/carers feel that their circumstances are exceptional and that there is no alternative.  If this is the case, it will be necessary for a meeting to be arranged with the Headteacher to discuss the request.