Our aim

Preparation for life beyond school is not just about getting good grades. It is about ensuring pupils have the skills needed to live life to the full, confident that they are making the right choices, being comfortable with themselves and respecting the diversity of people around them.

Personal, Social, Citizenship and Health Education (PSCHE) lessons at Bellingham Middle are designed to promote children’s personal, social and health development and our principal aim is that our pupils develop the skills which will help them to deal with the issues and problems they will face in everyday life: getting on with others, growing up, the formation of values and increasing responsibility.

We also seek to enrich our curriculum by inviting visitors to school and planning experiences outside of school.  These are designed to help children to become well developed members of our community with strong social skills, able to have a go at problem solving, confident in their abilities and with a respect and understanding for the world and other people.

Visiting providers for PSHCE:
We are fortunate in that all our pupils undertake specialist PSHCE in small groups with NDAS on Healthy Relationships. This is delivered in an age appropriate and sensitive way by an specialist to include work around relationships, friendship, peer pressure, decision making and risk awareness. 
Show Racism the Red Card makes regular trips to our school to work with classes. Pupils work with this charity to challenge stereotypes/misconceptions; promote tolerance and combat racism. Positive role models from this organisation also work with children in SRTRC Fitness Fun sessions, which are a firm favourite with pupils. 
Our annual Be Safe Day is a highlight, with pupils covering topics with visiting professionals such as: Knife Crime, Drugs Awareness, Stranger Danger, Keeping Safe Online and Cyberbulling.
Pupils have also had the chance recently to take part in a cyberbullying mock courts in action trial at the Royal Courts of Justice in London, where they acted as judge, jury, witness or prosection/defence barristers and solicitors.
Our PSHCE is underpinned by the THRIVE approach, supporting the emotional development, mental health and wellbeing of pupils. We have a designated THRIVE Lead practitioner in school who works with small groups and indiviudals, as needed. 
Our Operation Encompass Designated Safeguarding Officer from Northumbria Police also visits our school to work with classes and offer drop-in sessions for families on site.