Our aim

Preparation for life beyond school is not just about getting good grades. It is about ensuring pupils have the skills needed to live life to the full, confident that they are making the right choices, being comfortable with themselves and respecting the diversity of people around them.

Personal, Social, Citizenship and Health Education (PSCHE) lessons at Bellingham Middle are designed to promote children’s personal, social and health development and our principal aim is that our pupils develop the skills which will help them to deal with the issues and problems they will face in everyday life: getting on with others, growing up, the formation of values and increasing responsibility.

We also seek to enrich our curriculum by inviting visitors to school and planning experiences outside of school.  These are designed to help children to become well developed members of our community with strong social skills, able to have a go at problem solving, confident in their abilities and with a respect and understanding for the world and other people.

Newcastle United Foundation - On Side
We have been fortunate to work with the Newcastle United Foundation to supplement our PSCHE work at Bellingham Middle School.  They have been doing work with our pupils on discrimination, British Values, inclusion "Football for All" - including practical sporting activities such as Blind and Deaf Football.  They are also doing valuable anti-bullying work including activities focussing on bullying due to racism and religion.
We welcome the input we are getting from strong role models representing Newcastle United and the positive impact it is having on our pupils.
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