P.E. - Our aim

PE at Bellingham Middle School

Pupils at Bellingham participate in 2 hours of P.E. each week. They are taught in class groups and have access to the field, the M.U.G.A., the yard and the gymnasium, depending on the type of activity and the weather. The pupils experience a wide range of games, problem solving, athletics and creative activities, including dance and gymnastics. In Key Stage 2 pupils are taught using a multi-games approach which develops a wide range of skills that can be used in Key Stage 3 and beyond. We aim to introduce as many different activities and sports as possible to suit all abilities and tastes.

Throughout the year there is a wide range of opportunities for pupils to compete in inter-class and House competitions as well as competing against other local schools.

Representing School

During the winter and spring term, pupils compete in the West Tyne Schools' Football league against other middle schools in the area. We currently have teams for boys and girls at both Keys Stage 2 and 3. In the summer term we play Kwik Cricket at Key Stage 2 and Inter-Cricket 3, again we have both boys and girls teams. Pupils also have the opportunity to take part in are cross country events and athletics. We have a strong tradition of athletics in Bellingham Middle school and usually have 15 -20 pupils in the area athletics team and 2 or 3 in the minor county athletics finals. By the time pupils leave Bellingham Middle School 95% of children have represented the school in at least 1 activity or team.

Specialist Coaching and Club Links

We regularly have specialist coaches in to work with our pupils. In the Autumn and Spring terms we work with Hamish Smales (from Tynedale R.C.) and Tom Richardson (from Border Park R.C.), who introduce and develop Rugby particularly with our Key Stage 3 pupils. The plan is to eventually have matches with other schools and link in with local clubs. We have also used N.C.L. coaches to ensure our pupils have specialist cricket coaching and again link with Wark Cricket Club.

Celebrating Achievements

We regularly celebrate sporting as well as academic achievements in school. In Years 7 and 8 pupils are trained as Sports Leaders and this gives them a different perspective on P.E. It allows them to take on a different role in P.E. They learn how to take responsibility for a small group of younger children.