Our aim

  • To make mathematics an enjoyable, rewarding and worthwhile experience for all pupils
  • To give every pupil a firm foundation of knowledge for further study
  • To develop a practical approach and resilient problem solving skills
  • To help develop a positive attitude to the subject and to give pupils increased confidence
  • To develop, maintain and stimulate a pupil’s enjoyment, curiosity and interest in mathematics

Our principal aim is to nurture in our pupils a love of mathematics. We want our pupils to understand that they ‘can do maths!’ It is a subject that is vital for everyday life, and we want our children to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding that will help them to appreciate how mathematics fits into our world. In this way we ensure that our pupils will develop a fascination for and a real sense of enjoyment in the subject.  We want our pupils to experience a practical and investigative approach to maths and to feel encouraged to reason about and test their hypotheses.  We want them to learn that mistakes are valuable as they help us learn. 

We aim to ensure that all pupils have equal access to success in mathematics regardless of background or previous experiences.  We provide both support and extension material with the aim to develop and then extend and challenge, as confidence grows.  We offer a range of well researched interventions to help pupils who need it to improve their confidence, skills and understanding.  We work hard to build confidence in our pupils and to encourage them to think and communicate mathematically – precisely, logically and creatively.