Computing - our aim

Exciting changes have been made to the National Curriculum and one of them is the change from ICT to Computing.

Computing is concerned with how computers and computer systems work and how they are designed and programmed.  Computational thinking is all about solving problems, designing systems and applying understanding to real life situations.

Our pupils will benefit from a practical approach which will develop their skills and knowledge of computers and systems.  Pupils will still use a range of software and devices and problem solving in creative ways.  This will involve desktop publishing, film making, designing websites and apps as well as using spreadsheets to model solutions and databases to organise information. 

We will also look at what computers are and how they work as well as using and developing pupils’ understanding about networks (including the internet).  Opportunities to program using graphical software as well as using a textual programming language will be developed through the school.

We aim to give our pupils the opportunity to explore and be creative in our Computing lessons and when using technology across the curriculum. We will also ensure that pupils learn how to be responsible and safe as online-safety is still a vital part of our school curriculum in every year group.