English is a vital life skill which we aim to develop through a wide and varied curriculum.

We aim to motivate pupils in all areas of English to attain the highest possible standards and strive to provide a curriculum that offers a rich and diverse range of learning experiences.

In English, children study many different text types from newspapers to plays and are encouraged to read a wide variety of genres, both in and outside of school.  Have a look at our 'Reading for Pleasure' page to help your child find a book they might enjoy.

English is at the heart of the curriculum and this is reflected by the strong commitment of all departments in the school to promote English skills in their subject.

The library at Bellingham Middle is an integral part of the school. It provides a source of learning for use by individuals, small groups and whole classes in response to the needs of the curriculum. Independence is encouraged by children taking responsibility for borrowing and returning library books using the Junior Librarian system.

If you would like further information about our English curriculum then please contact Mrs Samuels.