Year 5 visit to Rupert's Wood

11th June 2015

Year 5 were lucky enough to go and explore Rupert's Wood, near Rochester. This was to support the work they have been completing to go towards their John Muir Award.  The John Muir Award is all about exploring, discovering, sharing and conserving our natural areas. Rupert's Wood is ran by a company called SCAN which is led by Newcastle University where volunteers can discover the local area and support charities and organisations.
After arriving on the bus, children gathered around the camp area where we were introduced to Red, Mike and some volunteers that were running today's activities. There were a wide range of activities where year 5 could have a hands on experience discovering the wood.
We took part in a national Opal Bug survey, created pieces of art using the natural materials around us, designed our own clay sculptures which can be found on the trees around the wood and created our own film incorporating the setting around us (we definitely have some budding actors).
Year 5 were a pleasure to take out. The whole class were polite and listened to all instructions very carefully (they also asked lots of questions which is great to see). They were a credit to the school.