STEM Day (science, technology, engineering and maths)

2nd October 2015

We were very fortunate today to have STEM Ambassadors visit our school to deliver workshops to our pupils.  Each pupil was able to attend two out of the three workshops and we are very proud at the level of interest, enthusiasm and commitment they showed today.  Several pupils made a point of telling us how much they had enjoyed themselves and how thought provoking they had found the activities. 
Pupils were able to learn about science and engineering as careers as well as taking part in problem solving activities.  Our workshops involved extracting DNA from strawberries, designing a pully system between two teams to transport produce safely down a 'mountain' and a space engineering challenge where they were able to see the effects of a vacuum on marshmallows, practise solving problems building puzzles using 'space gloves' and with communication from NASA down as well as building a solar powered buggy to roam Mars.
Our visiting experts commented on how much they had enjoyed the day and on how well the pupils responded to their challenges.  We hope to have a follow up event next term.