Sports Leader Training with Year 7

18th June 2015

In year 7 the focus in PE shifts from combining and performing to observation, analysis and evaluating skills. To complement this we introduce the year 7 children to the leadership aspect of sport.  This involves a course that lasts from 6 to 10 hours where the pupils learn how to work with children younger than themselves using sport as a vehicle.

During their training the pupils are introduced the STEP principle where they plan and deliver activities taking into account the following aspects: the SPACE they are using; the TASK they are delivering; EQUIPMENT that is available and suitable to the age of the children and the PEOPLE they are working with – taking into account the age and the number of children they are working with.

The training is designed to help our year 7 children to develop a sense of responsibility, as well as foster good social skills where they learn to work as part of a team.

This can help children, who have the potential to be good leaders, to step onto the ladder of leadership skills. This strand in PE can then be continued on through high school. It is also a useful skill to add to personal statements when applying for jobs, college courses and university places.

Sports Leaders training is always carried out in year 7 so that our pupils can take on more responsibility in year 8 as leaders, prefects and house captains. It is also followed up by a style of teaching called ‘YOUR Leaders’ in PE lessons in their final year. It also enables many of our pupils to then go on to volunteer and help out in local clubs in their home communities.

On Monday 22nd June year 7 got to put their Sports Leader skills into action by working with children from Bellingham First School for the afternoon.