At Bellingham Middle School, we aim to instil a lifelong love of science within our pupils. We want them to be inquisitive and confident and to explore and question the world around them. Our fun and engaging high-quality science curriculum has scientific investigation at its heart. It is designed to provide pupils students with a deepening understanding of the scientific knowledge and ideas that impact them as individuals in their everyday lives, both within a local and globalised context.
Pupils also have the valuable opportunity to examine important ethical issues within science from a range of cultural viewpoints. In science, pupils learn and work both collaboratively and independently and to recognise risks and take responsibility for their own safety. They will develop the scientific vocabulary needed to talk about their ideas; ask questions about scientific phenomena; and analyse methodology, results, relationships and interactions more systematically. Our intent is for all our pupils to be inquisitive, resilient and independent thinkers, and well-prepared for success in the ever-changing and increasingly STEM world.