Our new 'reading for pleasure' web page is now available

22nd November 2016

We have started a new page on our website called 'Reading for Pleasure' which can be found under the 'parents' tab or by clicking here.
We believe that reading for pleasure is one of the best things any one can do but we understand that sometimes it can be hard to find just the right book.
We hope to help you help your child find good books to read.  Any recommendations you would like to share with us we can add to the page to help others.
If you like dystopian books about the end of the world or the end of civilisation as we know it you might like...
Boy in the Tower
by Polly Ho Yen
Boy in the Tower by Polly Ho-Yen
Shortlisted for Children’s Book Award 2016, Books for Younger Readers category - Shortlisted for the Waterstone's Best Fiction for 5-12's Award 2015 - Shortlisted for the Blue Peter Book Award 2015 Best Story From the seventeenth floor of the tower block where he lives with his mother, Ade watches as the buildings fall around him. The Bluchers - a strange and terrible kind of plant - are taking over the city, and everyone is being forced to evacuate, but his mother is refusing to leave her room. And so Ade watches alone as the city slowly empties, and the Bluchers creep ever closer...
If you find reading difficult sometimes or have dyslexic traits and need a fun and interesting book that is very 'readable' then you might like...
Diary of a Trainee Rock God
by Jonathan Meres
 Part of dyslexia and reluctant reader specialist Barrington Stoke’s ‘super readable’ collection, Jonathan Mere’s novel will hit all the right notes with readers, male ones in particular. A meeting with this friend’s cool big brother Nigel (named after the XTC song) changes Darren’s life: he determines to become the best guitar player ever, just as soon as he’s persuaded his parents to buy him a guitar.