Otterburn First School enrichment visit

29th June 2015

Today we welcomed all of the children from Otterburn First School for enrichment work with us for the morning.  Reception and key stage one children did a session on unplugged computing and a practical music workshop.  We looked at a video of a robot programmed to change it's face to react to tone of voice and thought about how you programme a face.  We then programmed giant faces to be happy, sad and surprised.  The creative children then came up with other expressions - including the robot sticking it's tongue out and looking angry.
Years 3 and 4 did work in our science lab and got to use some of the specialised equipment before also doing a computing unplugged session on networks.  The theme of the work was how computers and people are different and also how they are similar.  We created a 'brain in a bag' using a neural network to play snap.  We then raced our brain network against other types of network.  The OFS children had some great ideas and were a real pleasure to work with.