Ola, Como esta? / Ogenki desu ka?

8th February 2016

On Monday 8th February two students from Routes Into Languages at Newcastle University came to teach the year 7 and 8 classes Portuguese and Japanese.
They gave a very interesting presentation on why it is a good idea to learn a foreign language and on all the opportunities that are available to you if you can speak a different language. The pupils were surprised to see that English is not the most widely spoken language in the world and that not everyone speaks English! The pupils thoroughly enjoyed their taster language sessions.
Our pupils learnt how to have a small conversation in Portuguese and Japanese and how to count to ten. They particularly enjoyed the Japanese pictograms. There were a lot of itchy knees and yawns during the lesson as they used actions for similar English words to remember the numbers:1 - ichi (itchy), 2-  ni (knee), 3- san (sun), 4- yon (yawn), 5- go (Go!), 6- roku (rocky), 7- nana (Nana), 8- hachi (hat), 9- kyu (queue), 10 - jyu (judo).