KS3 Hawkhirst

20th April 2015

On Monday 20th April all of key stage three went to Hawkhirst in Kielder.  The day was really good and started with the children going in the bell boats across Kielder Water and taking part in challenges.  These challenges resulted in everyone getting soaking wet - including the instructors!
Once the students had had time to change and dry out we had a picnic lunch outside.  The afternoon was filled with a range of outdoor activities.  Watching the jacobs ladder was thrilling and nerve wracking as pupils worked in pairs to climb all the way to the very top whilst team mates took care of the ropes below.
The crate challenge was fun and involved some impressively high stacks of crates for children to balance on.  Other children did a fantastic job of climbing, abseiling and going down the zip line.  The archery range was busy and some children had an impressive level of skill at hitting the target.
Our pupils did us proud and were an absolute pleasure to take away for the day and hopefully they went home tired but happy.