Home Learning at Bellingham Middle School

At Bellingham Middle School, we want to support home learning as much as we can, whilst also providing opportunities to extend and enrich learning beyond the curriculum.
Each week, your child will be set English and Maths homework and it is expected that this is completed and returned to school on time.  However, as well as this, we expect pupils to complete one enrichment piece of homework each half-term from a subject of their choice.  Enrichment homework tasks are linked to current learning, but provide pupils with the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge further, showcase their talents and interests, and also provide the opportunity for some open-ended learning with parents and carers at home.  As this is a piece of work to be completed over a number of weeks, staff are very clear in detailing success criteria so that pupils are clear what is expected of them.  Many pupils use these tasks to go 'above and beyond', which often sees prizes being awarded in recognition of such efforts.
Tasks are updated each half-term and we encourage parents to discuss homework options with their child.  Should you require any further information, please contact school.
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