Author visit

12th June 2015

On the 12th June, Year 5 had a a lovely visit from the upcoming author Abi Elphinstone. Not one person took their eyes away from her as she started to introduce the characters of her first published book 'The Dream Snatcher'.

Abi talked to us about how you don't have to be able to spell or be very clever to be a writer but how you needed to be determined and do your research if you wanted to be an author. She showed us how she plans her books and mentioned how she had to do 103 drafts of her book before it could be published. 

She also told us where she got her inspiration from: travelling around the world; from her childhood in Scotland and meeting different people (particularly the last Romani gypsy).

The class were sad to see her go at the end of her visit and she had such an effect on them that our new class novel is her book 'The Dream Snatcher'.